STEELPORT Knife Refresh - $85 (+$10 shipping and handling)

If you feel your STEELPORT carbon steel knife is in need of a deep refresh due to accidental misuse, our expert team can now lovingly restore your STEELPORT to near-new condition so it can continue to be your most-used tool in the kitchen and help create a lifetime of meals and memories.

Your STEELPORT knife is more than just a kitchen tool – it is an extension of your passion for cooking. Whether you're a professional chef or avid home cook, you understand the importance of a well-crafted, heirloom quality blade. With a little basic maintenance (i.e. keeping your blade clean and dry after each use) your STEELPORT will last a lifetime, which is why we confidently offer a lifetime warranty covering any defect and damage that may occur through normal use.

That said, we also know that life happens – for example, a well-intentioned friend might try to help clean up after a dinner party and accidentally run your STEELPORT through the dishwasher. That's where our "Knife Refresh” service comes in.

How It Works


Select the number of STEELPORT knives you’d like restored and follow the checkout process.


After checkout, we will email you a prepaid return label within 1 business day. Use your own box to securely package your STEELPORT knife to send back to us.


About 1 week from when we receive it, your STEELPORT knife will be on its way back to you, ready for a lifetime of culinary adventures.

Our expert team will carefully clean, re-sharpen, and polish your knife to restore its edge and beauty, as well as complete any handle maintenance required.

STEELPORT is committed to providing the highest quality products and we stand behind our creed of ‘Craftsmanship Without Compromise’. With a little care, STEELPORT knives will last a lifetime. We’re happy to offer this restorative refresh treatment to help ensure your STEELPORT can continue to be part of your treasured kitchen heirlooms.

STEELPORT Knife Refresh


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • This answer is a personal choice for you. Restoration is directly useful when accidental misuse occurs which results in damage such as rust development with pitting or handle damage (e.g. running your knife through the dishwasher, forgetting it outside in the rain after a BBQ, a family member mistakenly using it as a gardening tool, etc.)

    A knife that is changing color due to normal patina development does NOT need restoration. Carbon Steel naturally changes color – ‘patina’ - over time and gives your knife a personal history which becomes part of the heirloom story. Every STEELPORT knife starts this culinary journey with the naturally-produced coffee patina layer we’ve provided, but with time, use and proper care, it will develop its own unique patina layers. Based on your cooking habits and the different foods you cut, the blade will develop different colors over time, like black, blue and purple. The unique color and pattern of the patina your knife gains over the years will tell the story of all the loving meals it helped prepare. Learn more about patina, and STEELPORT’s unique coffee patina process in our blog discussing this topic in-depth.

    If we receive your knife and ultimately deem the condition of your STEELPORT knife beyond restoration, we will let you know and refund the cost of your Knife Refresh purchase.

    If you have questions about your particular situation and knife’s condition, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or 503-498-8132

  • This service includes a full refurbishing of every part of your knife - from repolishing and patina of the blade, re-sanding and polishing the handle, to sharpening and repair of the edge.

    Please be aware that deep pitting caused by long neglect cannot be removed, and we cannot add steel - every refurbish is dependent on the condition received.

  • YES! If you are near Portland, Oregon and would like to drop off and pick up your knife in-person at our factory, you are welcome to do so and save the shipping fee. Simply come by our factory - 3602 NE Sandy Blvd Suite B, Portland, OR 97232 - during normal business hours: 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday.

  • About one week, depending on shipping time and the condition of your knife. You may always contact us via email for status updates: [email protected]

  • We accept any STEELPORT made knives for our knife refresj, including the STEELPORT serrated bread knife.

    We will not restore any non-STEELPORT knives.

  • A regular care routine of rinsing the knife after each use, drying it immediately, and oiling occasionally for longer storage will ensure that the best patina develops over the years of use. Learn more about Carbon Steel Knife Care in our Care & Use page.