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One Knife I Always Reach For

feels nice in the hand, cuts great, and very pleasing to look at. I end up using the more than my Japanese knives hoping to get a full set one day.

– Aaron

The Working Man’s Knife

Best handmade knife for the price. A bargain. Beautiful finished in every detail. Holds an edge and is easily sharpened.

– Wayne N.

Both Tough and Comfortable

This STEELPORT 8” chef knife has been the main tool in our kitchen for over a year. It has made food preparation a joy rather the chore it used to be. It not only cuts great, it also cradles comfortably in hand. Best!

– Ron K.

Amazing Knife. My Go-to Favorite now.Amazing Knife. My Go-to Favorite Now.

High quality, beautifully made knife. The carbon steel blade stays sharper, longer and requires very little maintenance. After a short time using it I actually found I liked the heft of the knife over a comparable stainless blade.

– Josh D.


I work in kitchens all day and this knife has never failed me. It is sturdy, sharp, and feels great in the hand. It looks fantastic as well. Although they can seem expensive compared to other knives I have found it to be a very worthwhile purchase and completely worth the price. I recommend Steelport to anyone the asks.

– Michael R.

Best Knife in 3 Drawers

I find myself bypassing other knives in the drawer. This has become my favorite.

– Steve G.

Just Well Done

Love my steel port, feels good in the hand and is taking on a nice patina. Carbon steel is hard to find, especially in a good price range.

– Zachary M.

Balanced and Sensitive...and Sharpening Their Steel a Joy.

I have two 8” chefs and a paring but here I will talk about the chef knife. It is so well weighted that it is perfectly balanced in my hand. A full grip on the handle for a chop or tough slice and a index finger forward on the blade for fine light slicing, all my prep has been exacting and fun. The coffee method they use to finish the blade not only looks beautiful, it also brings on a slow subtle patina more beautiful than straight carbon steel knifes. The bolsters and butts patina quicker.. probably because I’m overly focused on cleaning the blade. Every knife is sharp out-of-the-box, but I got a good three weeks of prepping every night without a sharpening.. just used a ceramic steel every couple of days. I have just sharpened on the stone for the first time and the new edge is perfect. About 15 light swipes each way and my Steelport is passing the paper test. Love holding and using it. Exceptional customer service in my experience. Looking for a Nakiri from Steelport next…?

– Michael S.

Great Craftsmanship, Thick Behind the Edge

This is a beautiful knife with a unique design. Love that it is 52100 carbon steel. Very durable edge and comfortable handle. The coffee patina is efficient. Great for Western cooking. I would have preferred that it was thinner behind the edge but then it would not be as durable. I am also used to wa-handles so I would have preferred a more blade heavy balance but that is difficult with western handles.

– Rickard I.

What a work of art!

Wow! I’m pretty new to the world of quality knifes.What a fantastic introduction. I picked mine up at the Portland Knife House and I could not be more impressed. It’s is a work of art and also feels amazing in my small hands. Sharp. Well balanced. Beautiful to look at and makes cooking a joy. Seriously. I’m trying to convince my partner we need a slicer and a paring knife too. Keep up the great work Steelport. I look forward to my next purchase.

– Jason

Knife request

A 6” chefs knife does not suit my needs. A 6 inch utility knife does. Please expand you offerings to include a 6 inch utility knife.

– Steve G.

Great knife only thing better than the edge is the beauty of it. Buy American its worth the price.

– Trevis S.

Your knives a just incredible! The balance is perfect and they retain their sharpness for many uses! Certainly well worth their cost!

– Elmer S.

Best Bread Knife - No Question!

The bread knife is one of the kind. All the bread knives I had used, or seeing in the market, are all afterthoughts with low quality build. Having 65 Rockwell hardness on a serrated knife is insane but the result is an amazing long-lasting knife. It’s used for so much more than just bread around our kitchen.

– Ron K.

Cutting Edge

Our new bread knife does a fabulous job of cutting both crust and crumb, both thick and thin, both fresh from the oven and day old. A knife this special should come with a sheath.

– Suzanne B.

THE bread knife

Steelport has created an absolutely amazing knife here. I have a fairly deep collection of knives and had been looking for a bread knife to add to my collection. I ended up going with Steelport for the fact that I’ve bought knives from Eytan before. Eytan taught me a lot about steels and treatments in our interactions at Portland Knife House. I have nothing but praise to give this blade. Everyone I’ve let use it, instantly raves. We call it the lightsaber. We have a sourdough that it just bites right into and tons of light buns that it glides through. The handle is a great shape and is a striking color and the design will be different each time. The blade is ground super well. I haven’t had any issue with straying and it’s so sharp there is minimal pressure being used. I recommend this knife to anyone who cuts lots of bread. Technically you could use this knife as a standard blade and it would cut whatever you put in front of it. However I’m sure Eytan’s chef’s chef knife is amazing so I’d suggest you look that direction for a proper prep knife. Thank you Eytan for the work you took to make these blades a reality. I’m sure everyone who gets their hands on one will be greatly pleased.

– Brendan M.

Very Sharp Out of the Box. Thanks!!!

Your design is an eye-catcher. The work of the craftspeople making the 4 and 6 inch knives that we bought show the dedication to providing a product that will last a long time.

– James H.

Surprising nimble!

Given my experience with the Steelport’s 8” chef knife, I wasn’t surprised at how this slicer cut through our weekend party jam. But it was a nice surprise to find it so comfortable to hold and maneuver even with the full 10” size. Great work!

– Ana A.