Wedding Gift Guide: Level Up Your Wedding with STEELPORT Knives

Wedding Gift Guide: Level Up Your Wedding with STEELPORT Knives

The STEELPORT Team (including our Marketing Manager, Frances, who is a bride-to-be as well!) attended the Portland Bridal Expo this spring and were thrilled to connect with so many lovely couples preparing for this exciting new chapter of life.

We were inspired by many of the questions, ideas, and enthusiasm for how STEELPORT’s handcrafted kitchen knives could be incorporated into their big day and beyond, so we put together the following blog post to share some of those great insights:


Introducing STEELPORT: Crafted with Love and Heritage

STEELPORT Knife Co. is a small team dedicated to producing the finest trusted kitchen knives available. Our work combines premium materials, traditional forging technique, and American heirloom craftsmanship. Each knife is meticulously handcrafted by our small team of artisans right here in Portland, Oregon, ensuring exceptional attention to detail with every product. When you choose STEELPORT, you’re not only investing in a premium quality knife for your kitchen, but also supporting local craftsmanship. Thank you!

We believe in craftsmanship without compromise. All STEELPORT knives feature an iconic design and functional details, made locally using all US-sourced materials. Each knife we produce has a beautiful individuality only found in handcrafted products that use natural materials. No two Oregon Maple Burl wooden handles or forged steel blades will have identical grain patterns, and each knife will patina a little differently over time, telling a beautiful story of all the meals it has helped you prepare.

We hold every product we make to unwavering, extremely high quality standards, and are so confident in our work that STEELPORT Knife Co. offers a Lifetime Warranty for all of our knives.

8" STEELPORT Chef Knife

Register for Unforgettable Moments: STEELPORT Knives and Knife Sets

When creating your wedding registry, consider adding either individual STEELPORT knives or complete STEELPORT knife sets. Whether it’s a Limited Spring Special 2-Piece, a 3-Piece or a Full Family Set, we thoughtfully curated the most essential knives for your culinary adventures. These knife sets not only elevate your cooking experience but also become cherished pieces in your kitchen for years to come.
If you’re looking for recommendations or direction on individual knives to add to your registry:

  • STEELPORT’s award-winning 8”Chef Knife is our flagship and most popular knife, and our 6” Chef Knife is a slightly smaller version for folks who prefer to keep a smaller work surface in the kitchen. A Chef Knife is an absolute essential tool for any kitchen, so that’s always a great place to start your STEELPORT collection.
  • Our 4” Paring Knife is extremely versatile for in-hand and cutting board use, ideal for any tasks that require finesse (from destemming strawberries to trimming fat off a game bird, to creating intricate orange peel garnish for cocktails, etc.). It’s our smallest knife and also our lowest priced knife making it more accessible for some gift-givers.
  • Our 10” Bread Knife is extremely unique – every home needs a bread knife, and we are confident that STEELPORT’s is truly the best bread knife on the market. With its reverse serration, it cuts through any soft or crusty loaf of bread with ease without tearing up your cutting board. It’s also perfect for cutting BBQ meats (we almost named it a “Brisket Knife”!) because it cuts cleanly through the outer bark without squishing the tender juicy interior you worked for so many hours to cook to perfection.
  • The 10” Slicing Knife is ideal for elevated presentation and performance, especially with larger cuts. Consider in your future life together all big family gatherings you might host in your home over the years – our Slicing Knife will help you carve the Thanksgiving Turkey, holiday ham, all the watermelon at the big summer cookout, or even your big celebratory cakes – allowing you to use an elegant, effective, heirloom-quality knife that tells a story of the feasts you’ve enjoyed.

We also had a couple at the bridal show mention they are having a ‘carving station’ as part of their wedding catering package and would love for the chef to use a beautiful locally made knife like STEELPORT for the night, making their knife a part of their wedding story that can then become a beloved tool in their new kitchen as well!

6" STEELPORT Chef Knife

Upgrade your kitchen and showcase your existing knives: STEELPORT Knife Blocks

Maybe you already have a great collection of knives? Instantly upgrade your whole kitchen aesthetics and showcase your knives with a stunning STEELPORT knife block. Designed with precision and elegance, with a gorgeous Oregon Black Walnut faceplate, sturdy steel base, and strategically placed magnets, our knife block is the perfect blend of style and functionality. 

STEELPORT Full Family set on countertop

Whether you’re moving into a new home together after your ceremony, or looking to take your existing kitchen aesthetic up a notch, the STEELPORT Knife Block is an easy addition to your wedding registry since it’s nonrestrictive (it will hold any standard knife in your kitchen) with the timeless elegance of natural wood.

STEELPORT 8" Chef Knife with engraved sheath

Personalize Your Love Story: Engraved Sheaths

Wedding guests can add a personal touch to their gift thanks to STEELPORT’s optional sheath engraving service. Imagine having your initials, wedding date, or a special message from a loved one engraved on the rich wooden sheath protecting your favorite kitchen knife. 

These personalized details make your knives truly unique and hold sentimental value. Whenever you use your engraved STEELPORT knife, you’ll be reminded of your love story and the joyous moments you shared on your wedding day.

10" STEELPORT Bread Knife

4" STEELPORT Paring Knife

Celebrate Your Wedding Party: Groomsman Gifts and More

This was another great idea from a couple at the bridal show – using our versatile 4” Paring Knife plus our Sheath Engraving service to make an exceptional, personalized gift for the Groomsmen! It’s the perfect choice for large group orders. Whether you’re honoring your bridesmaids, groomsmen, officiant or other cherished members of your wedding party, gifting them a STEELPORT knife is a thoughtful way to express your gratitude and create lasting memories.

10" STEELPORT Slicing Knife

STEELPORT knives, knife blocks and engravable sheaths are sold directly through our website, making them easy to add to your online registry on sites like The Knot, Zola, MyRegistry, Joy, etc. Our knives are also sold at Sur la Table, in case you are registering there specifically. 

STEELPORT Full Family set on countertop

Whether you add STEELPORT knives individually or as sets, have the sheaths engraved, or simply get a STEELPORT knife block to house your existing knife collection, STEELPORT is a locally handcrafted company you can trust to make your wedding journey even more special. 

Congratulations from the STEELPORT family on your upcoming nuptials – We would be honored to have a place in your kitchen!

Someone taking a STEELPORT Knife off of the STEELPORT Knife Block