Sharp, Durable, and Timeless: A Guide to Caring for Your STEELPORT Carbon Steel Knife

Sharp, Durable, and Timeless: A Guide to Caring for Your STEELPORT Carbon Steel Knife

Your STEELPORT Carbon Steel Knife is a tool that was crafted to deliver premium performance in the kitchen. We have noticed a large interest in our Carbon Steel Knife Care Kit which includes a premium blade oil and a handle wax. This is great to see as it reflects an interest and understanding of carbon steel knife users keeping their knives in top working condition for years to come.


There is a lot of folklore about the difficulty of taking care of tools made with pure materials – like Cast Iron cookware and Carbon Steel cutlery. However, to keep your knife in top shape, there are just a few simple care and maintenance steps needed.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Hand Wash & Dry: The best way to care for your STEELPORT Carbon Steel Knife is to always rinse and dry it completely after each use. Avoid using aggressive chemicals, leaving it unwashed, or leaving it in water, as these can lead to rust and other damage.
  • Occasional Oiling: To keep your knife in top condition, oil it occasionally, especially if it will be stored for an extended period of time. We recommend using Camellia oil (as provided in our Care Kit) or food-grade mineral oil. Cooking oils can also be an option but they can break down and become rancid.
  • Wood Handle Care: Your STEELPORT knife features a resin-stabilized wood handle that is designed to meet the demands of a busy kitchen, but it still requires some minimal care to keep it looking its best. Treat your wood handle like a wooden cutting board, i.e. avoid letting it soak in water, and rub it down with the handle wax in our Care Kit – or another food-safe oil or wax mix – once or twice a month.

A couple of other considerations to keep in mind throughout the many years of use are:

  1. Embrace the Patina: Over time, your STEELPORT Carbon Steel Knife will develop a natural patina. This is not a bad thing! This is part of the “heirloom” nature of the product. The unique coloring each knife develops reflects your own cooking style and favorite ingredients over the years.
  2. Knife patina

  3. Address Rust Promptly: Even with the best intentions, we know life happens and a carbon steel knife might be cleaned improperly, causing rust to form – for example, a well-intentioned friend decides to help clean up after dinner by throwing your knife in the dishwasher (it’s important to note that NO sharp knife is dishwasher safe, even if stainless – dishwashers will ruin a knife’s edge). Rust shows up as red spots or areas on the knife along with some indentations, or pits. If you notice rust developing on your knife, remove it promptly. For a more aggressive approach, use the widely available Bar Keepers Friend or Flitz. Then clean the blade with a gentle cleanser and a soft cloth before drying and oiling the blade and handle.

Sharpness is key to the performance of your STEELPORT Carbon Steel Knife, which you can read more about in our other post: Keep it Sharp. In the meantime, remember that following these basic care and maintenance tips will help ensure your knife remains sharp, durable, and timeless.