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  • InsideHook

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    “The 100 Best American Made Products: You’ll never want another knife after adding this five-piece set of American-forged carbon steel cutlery to your kitchen.”

  • The New York Times

    “…It has heirloom written all over it.”


    “…this chef’s knife is a work of art.”

    Gear Patrol

    Best Made-in-USA Kitchen Knife
    The knife’s design is meat to encourage a pinch grip, the best way to hold a knife. As a sign of respect to the state it’s made in, the handle is made of Oregon Big Leaf Maple…Bob Kramer, looks like you’ve got some competition.”

  • Field & Stream

    “A rising star in the culinary world, the company’s 6-inch boning knife is going to wind up in many big-game butcher’s kits.”

  • GQ

    “The American-made chef’s knife is one of the sharpest we’ve ever tested…In the past few years of testing this knife, we’ve yet to find any reason to not call this one of the best knives in the business. STEELPORT is the kind of blade you gift to a chef who just graduated from Le Cordon Bleu.”

  • “Robb Recommends: This New American-Made Chef’s Knife Will Become the Most Versatile Blade in Your Kitchen…Time and again, it proved to be the versatile chef knife I’ve been looking for. And for $400, it performs as well as a knife twice its price.”

  • “Portland, as a city that loves both hand-made crafts and food, is home to a number of fantastic bladesmiths and knife shops, but STEELPORT draws crowds in thanks to its Oregon Big Leaf Maple handle, comfortable hold, and sturdy, wear-resistant blade.”

  • “They are offering a competative and accessible option to auction-only Bob Kramer knives, and an American handcrafted alternative to thte generic broadly available Shun, Wustof, Henckels and other kitchen knives made en masse abroad.”

  • “Here are some of our favorite kitchen tools, all made right here in the West…Handcrafted in Portland, the 8-inch STEELPORT Knife Co. Chef Knife is made with a natuarl Oregon Big Leaf Maple burl wood handle and American-forged carbon steel blade.”

  • “Steelport Knife Co. carves out niche with American-made chef quality blades…Premium knives at national chains are typically from Germany, China, or Japan. The homegrown domestic factor has become much more important since the rise of supply chain issues that continue to bedevil the competition…. Local legends like Bonnie Morales, Elias Cairo, and Doug Adams have delivered positive feedback, as have noteworthy chefs from around the country like Chris Bianco and Aaron Franklin.”

  • “…The recent global supply chain disruptions have highlighted one great advantage of building close to home, which is the access and availability of parts. At STEELPORT, as with another all-American made company Khormaei co-founded, FINEX Cast Iron Cookware, the majority of parts are from companies near their Northeast Portland factory.”

  • “2021 Men’s Journal Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gifts for Men…This wickedly sharp, carbon steel 8-inch Chef Knife from STEELPORT should be in your arsenal. Highlights include drop-forged full-tang blade, half-octagonal maple burl handle and integral bolster.”

  • “American-forged carbon steel cutlery handcrafted right here in Portland.”

  • “This might be the ideal present for the chef in the family. The Portland, Oregon-based STEELPORT Knife Co. has reintroduced a modern American heirloom forged of carbon steel. This chef’s knife is the ultimate piece of cutlery.”

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