SharpForever™: Free Sharpening for Life

SharpForever™: Free Sharpening for Life

STEELPORT’s SharpForever program provides FREE sharpening for all STEELPORT knives for life. SharpForever is an extension of our existing Lifetime Warranty, created to provide our customers total coverage, convenience and care of your premium American handcrafted kitchen knives. As a STEELPORT knife owner, not only are you covered for life you are also cared for for life.

Nothing beats preparing a meal with a well sharpened knife and a STEELPORT can stay SharpForever:

  • A STEELPORT knife already stays sharper 3x longer than the majority of kitchen knives in the world thanks to our proprietary heat treatment that achieves 65HRC at the blade.
  • Our team will re-sharpen any STEELPORT knife for free here at our factory whenever needed.
  • A STEELPORT will last you for a lifetime of use, backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

Over time and with every cut, a blade edge will dull – that’s true of every knife, no matter the quality, style or steel. It’s true that our market-leading 65HRC blade hardness results in needing sharpening a lot less often but we still need to honed and asharpened over time. Performing regular maintenance of honing and sharpening will keep a knife at peak performance so you get the most out of your knives.

With STEELPORT’s Free Sharpening For Life service, our team will expertly return a factory edge to any STEELPORT knife, right here at our Portland, Oregon factory where we handcraft each knife. Purchase STEELPORT knives with the confidence that our team stands behind every knife we make for a lifetime of use.


There are two ways to get free sharpening


Knife Sharpening Service

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  • All of our knives are double bevel sharpened (except the serrated Bread Knife). We hand-sharpen each knife for optimal performance for its unique blade shape, so there is no exact degree, but our typical angle can be considered 15º on each side. We take each knife through inspection, then multiple ceramic and leather sharpening stages to ensure the best edge. We then give a final inspection of the blade edge before packing and shipping.  When we sharpen here at the factory, our goal is to remove the least amount of steel possible while sharpening in order to provide the blades with the longest life possible. Please note that we might repatina your knives if we deem it needed. If you don’t want the patina to be touched, please include a note with your knives – we know many of you have a special patina that you have worked hard to build on your knife and don’t want changed.
  • The answer depends on so many individual factors, including how often you use the knife, what kind of food you are cutting, what kind of cutting board you use, how often you hone the knife, etc.  A simple answer is: when you start feeling that you have to push hard to cut through typical food. A dull knife is not only unpleasant to work with but also can be unsafe. The extra pressure needed to cut with a dull knife can result in injury if the knife slips off a food. STEELPORT’s extremely high 65HRC hardness edge results in our knives maintaining their very sharp edge for much longer than other softer steel knives – for example,  based on a hemp rope cutting test, STEELPORT knives stay sharp 3x longer than the average premium blades in the market. But even so, every blade needs to be honed and resharpened occasionally. The best way to keep your knife sharp is to not let it get dull in the first place, meaning day-to-day proper care and use of the knife: Rinse and dry after each use, store properly, and use a fine honing rod as soon as you notice a change in performance.  A first sign that a knife needs honing is usually sliding on a tomato instead of slicing through with ease. If honing does not restore your edge, then it is time to sharpen, which removes actual metal from the blade to reform an edge. Since sharpening removes steel, it should be used sparingly (unlike honing where you can apply as often as needed). Sharpening is not a replacement for regular maintenance.You can learn more about the difference between honing and sharpening, as well as sharpening techniques, materials and theory in our blog post: Art & Craft of Sharpening.
  • If you mail your knife to us, please allow about one week from when we receive your knife to when it’s returned to you, depending on shipping times. (We sometimes see shipping delays around the holidays, so please plan accordingly!) If you drop off your knife in-person at our Portland factory, please allow us 3 business days before you return to the factory to pick up your knife.You may always contact us via email for any questions: [email protected].
  • We accept all STEELPORT brand knives for our knife sharpening service, including the STEELPORT serrated Bread Knife.  We will NOT sharpen any non-STEELPORT brand knives, and do not accept responsibility for any non-STEELPORT knives shipped to us.  You may include several STEELPORT knives in a single shipping box (please wrap them individually and snuggly for safety).
  • STEELPORT blades are one of the hardest and toughest steels in the industry, but we also developed our proprietary heat treatment process to ensure STEELPORT knives are still easy to sharpen with standard sharpening methods. If you are already familiar with sharpening your knives at home, or perhaps you have a local sharpener you trust, please feel free to continue doing that! We also have regular Sharpening classes at our Portland factory for those who want to strengthen their sharpening knowledge or pick it up as a new skill. Our Free SharpForever service simply provides a reliable option to our customers to know confidently that they have a place to sharpen their STEELPORT knives, and ensure they perform their best for years to come. We strive to remove any of our customers’ knife concerns so you can focus on the main task of preparing great meals. It’s also worth noting that Serrated blades (like bread knives) in general are near impossible for any home sharpener or professional sharpeners to replicate the original serration size, pattern, and edge, so foreign-made serrated knives are often just discarded after they become too dull. But we’re able to put the STEELPORT Bread Knife right back on the same custom serration wheel here at the factory that we used to create the edge in the first place, helping it maintain exceptional cutting performance for a lifetime! Another one of the many benefits of buying a locally made knife.
  • If you feel your STEELPORT knife is in need of a deep refresh due to accidental misuse or damage (thrown in a dishwasher, was left behind in a flood, etc.), our expert team can now lovingly restore your STEELPORT to near-new condition through our Knife Spa service.  This service includes a full refurbishing of every part of your knife – including repolishing and patina of the blade, re-sanding and polishing the handle, sharpening and minor repairs of the edge. Learn more about our Knife Spa here If you send in your STEELPORT for a free sharpening and our team determines a deeper refurbishment is needed (if there is significant rust, etc.), we will reach out to you directly to discuss the best next steps. If you have questions about your particular situation and knife’s condition, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or 503-498-8132.
  • First, be sure to complete the purchase of return shipping on this page BEFORE sending us your STEELPORT knife to sharpen. This is needed by our team to track your knife when we receive it. Once you’ve placed that order, you will receive an Order Confirmation Number via email which you will need to include with your knife when you ship it to us.  You will use your own packaging to send your knife to us – here are our suggestions for safe packaging: 
    1. The best packaging option is to use your original STEELPORT box. Here is a video on how to securely repackage your STEELPORT in its original box.  
    2. If you don’t have your original box, that’s no problem! Simply make sure the blade (including the tip) is covered or lightly wrapped in a material it will not immediately cut through (cardboard, thick paper, cloth, etc.) and place it in a shipping box that it will fit in snuggly. Avoid packing in a box that the knife shakes around loosely inside. The key is safety and to ensure that the knife is secured firmly in the box so edges do not poke through the box.
  • A regular care routine of rinsing the knife after each use, drying it immediately, and oiling occasionally for longer storage will ensure that the best patina develops over the years of use.  We encourage our customers to hone their blades regularly between sharpenings – this keeps your edge in better condition, requiring less frequent sharpening.   Storage should be in a way that protects the knife edges and also doesn’t expose to water. Good methods for storage includes sheaths or magnetic wood knife blocks (like STEELPORT’s offerings) Learn more about Carbon Steel Knife Care in our Care & Use page.