The chef knife is the most important tool in your knife kit, used for 90% + of kitchen tasks. If one were to only own a single knife – this should be it. This 8” chef knife is the first and flagship offering from STEELPORT, designed for everything from large projects to quick chopping in the kitchen.

The overall shape of STEELPORT blades are defined by considering best functionality and comfort. Our 8” Chef Knife is designed with a “Sheepsfoot” tip so the user can still safely use their hand as a guide while using the tip of the knife. A “finger groove” is added to our chef knives at the heel of the blade to allow for comfort and control while holding the knife in the preferred pinch-hold. All the surfaces are processed to ensure a comfortable soft touch to help with long-term comfort. This includes rounding the spine of the knife.

STEELPORT knives have solid one-piece traditional drop forged construction from blade tip to end cap with an integral bolster for a well-balanced and long-lasting knife. Through STEELPORT’s proprietary differential heat treatment, American 52100 Carbon Steel achieves an unmatched 65HRC hardness at the blade for exceptional long-lasting sharpness, while maintaining a softer 30HRC spine for lifelong durability. The bolster and spine are hand-polished smooth for a supremely comfortable pinch grip hold.

Our handles are contoured to accommodate any hand, offering a unique 2" height at the blade heel for finger clearance. For all STEELPORT handles, we use Oregon Big Leaf Maple Burl, a locally sourced, naturally unique burl wood, stabilized with resin to meet tough kitchen requirements and won’t shrink or swell. Learn more about our handles on our blog.

Keep your edge protected with a custom fitted STEELPORT 8″ Knife Oregon Maple Sheath, featuring an internal recessed magnet along the spine.

Every STEELPORT knife has a unique individuality only found in handcrafted products that use natural materials. You can now choose to further customize your STEELPORT collection by having your wooden sheaths engraved, sharing an even more personal gift. We’ll laser engrave your special message, initials, names, dates, family mottos, etc. on your sheath to mark milestone occasions, like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, family reunions, work promotions, and more. Let STEELPORT’s heirloom quality kitchen knives help you create treasured memories and family traditions.

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If you’d like us to engrave a larger number of sheaths and with an image (like a company logo or other art) for group and corporate gifting, please email us directly to coordinate: [email protected]

Carbon Steel is for those who take pride in keeping their tools at peak performance through basic maintenance. Carbon Steel knives like STEELPORT are not stain or rust resistant. Day to day, it is as simple as remembering to hand wash and dry after each use. Learn more about Carbon Steel Knife Care and Use.

Blade Length: 8"

Total Length: 13"

Width: 2"

Weight: 7.4oz / 210g

8" Chef Knife

8" Chef Knife & Sheath

8" Chef Knife & Engraved Sheath

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Custom Sheath Engraving

STEELPORT 8" Chef Knife with engraved sheath


**Text is limited to 30 characters, using only alphanumeric symbols (letters, numbers, and punctuation found on a standard keyboard). Please review your message carefully before placing your order - we are not able to refund custom engraved sheaths.


    • Contoured Oregon Big Leaf Maple burl handle
    • Half octagonal top handle shape with smooth rounded base
    • Integral end cap with engraved STEELPORT logo
    • “Sheepsfoot” blade tip shape
    • Distinctive visible Temper Line
    • Proprietary differential heat treatment to 65 HRC hardness at blade for edge retention and sharpening while maintaining durability at less than 30 HRC along spine
    • Integral bolster with a smooth transition to polished spine for a comfortable “pinch grip“ hold
    • Full tang construct for ideal balance and added strength
    • Tall 2” blade at handle allows for plenty of hand clearance

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Steelport Knife Co. 8” Chef Knife

  • Natural Wood Handle

    Locally sourced Oregon Big Leaf Maple Burl, stabilized with resin to meet tough kitchen requirements and prevent shrinking or swelling.
  • Temper Line

    Differential heat treatment maintains a softer spine for overall durability.
  • 65 HRC Hardness

    Proprietary heat treatment and Cryo process results in a fine grained wear-resistant blade with exceptional sharpness and hardness without becoming brittle.
  • Forged Full Tang

    Solid one-piece construction from blade tip to end cap for a well balanced and longer lasting knife.
  • Contoured Bolster with Hand Polished Edges

    Smooth transition from bolster to handle for comfort and support of proper pinch grip hold.

  • Natural Wood Handle

    Locally sourced Oregon Big Leaf Maple Burl, stabilized with resin to meet tough kitchen requirements and prevent shrinking or swelling.

  • Contoured Bolster with Hand Polished Edges

    Smooth transition from bolster to handle for comfort and support of proper pinch grip hold.

  • Temper Line

    Differential heat treatment maintains a softer spine for overall durability.

  • 65 HRC Hardness

    Proprietary heat treatment and Cryo process results in a fine grained wear-resistant blade with exceptional sharpness and hardness without becoming brittle.

  • Forged Full Tang

    Solid one-piece construction from blade tip to end cap for a well balanced and longer lasting knife.

Pictured here: 8" Chef Knife.

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“The Best Made-in-USA Kitchen Knife: STEELPORT Chef Knife.”


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“This new American-made Chef’s Knife will become the most versatile blade in your kitchen.”


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  • “After using and sharpening these I have to say they have the best of both worlds of soft and hard treatments of 52100.”

    – Josh Donald, Owner of Bernal Cutlery SF

  • “STEELPORT’s are beautifully balanced, with blades made from American-forged carbon steel.”

    – Julia Moskin, The New York Times

  • “STEELPORT is the perfect knife for me. Handles all of my duties at work yet Durable enough to use at home with the family. A knife that embody a true work life balance”

    – Gabriel Rucker, James Beard Award-winning Chef/Owner of Le Pigeon in Portland, Oregon

  • “Absolutely exquisite. All aspects of the knife are so special. Design, materials and craftsmanship combine to make a knife that I look forward to using the rest of my life.”

    – Paul Kahan, James Beard Award-winning Chef and Owner of Publican and avec in Chicago

  • “I love the STEELPORT knife! I use it every day, the great balance and feel definitely makes the cut!”

    – Aaron Franklin, Owner of Franklin Barbecue in Austin, Texas.

  • “To me a knife is a tool. It has been a good minute since I put a knife in my hand and it has given me pause. STEELPORT knives are simply stunning, the second you see it or use it you know that this knife is special. I Intend on using this tool for a very long time with much joy.”

    – Elias Cairo, Co-Owner/Salumist of Olympia Provisions

  • “It’s my go-to at-home knife now. Keeps a solid edge over time and is pretty damn indestructible. Would definitely recommend for those at a home level or pro.”

    – Eric Rivera, Chef/Owner of ADDO in Seattle

  • “This knife is not only my favorite knife, it quickly became one of the most treasured items in my kitchen. The details are just impeccable, and it’s so light and responsive… Like a Bentley of knives.”

    – Mike Thelin, Founder of Feast Portland

  • “Feel how amazingly balanced and well crafted this carbon steel knife is. It will definitely become an heirloom tool that you will use daily for a life time.”

    – Carey Schleicher-Haselhorst, Owner of Cord

  • “I own a beautiful collection of carbon steel knives, but nothing as gorgeous as this American-forged, full tang carbon steel knife from STEELPORT, located in Portland, Oregon.”

    – Jeffrey B. Rodgers, @TheCulinaryFanatic

  • “It’s made with all US materials and crafted right here in Portland by Eytan and his team. This 8″ chef knife is incredibly well balanced — razor sharp with none of the fuss and holds its edge for what seems like forever. This knife is everything.”

    – Bonnie Morales, Chef/Owner of Kachka

  • “I’m loving this carbon steel chef’s knife from STEELPORT Knife Co. – super balance, killer edge, plus the handle (Oregon maple) is cool… It’s a joy to use.”

    – Ray Isle, Executive Wine Editor of Food & Wine Magazine

  • “Using a Steelport feels like it was made by someone with so much experience and passion for the art of knives, because it was. Everything about it feels right, and knowing where it comes from feels even better.”

    – Doug Adams, TopChef Season 12 Finalist

  • “Not only for its functionality and design but because it’s made by hand in Portland, Oregon. This knife would make a perfect Father’s Day gift for the man who loves to cook and appreciates the finer things in life. A great knife is an essential part of every kitchen.”

    – Melissa Reome, @GrillMomma

  • “I haven’t picked up another chefs knife since I got my STEELPORT”

    – Karl Holl, Founder of Forager Goods & Co and Culinary Director of Smith Teamaker

STEELPORT Knife Co. is a small team dedicated to producing the finest trusted kitchen knives available. Our work combines premium materials, traditional forging technique, and American heirloom craftsmanship.

Founded by Bladesmith Eytan Zias and a highly specialized group of individuals, STEELPORT brings modern American innovation to traditional forging methods and materials.

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Customer Reviews

One Knife I Always Reach For

feels nice in the hand, cuts great, and very pleasing to look at. I end up using the more than my Japanese knives hoping to get a full set one day.

– Aaron

The Working Man’s Knife

Best handmade knife for the price. A bargain. Beautiful finished in every detail. Holds an edge and is easily sharpened.

– Wayne N.

Both Tough and Comfortable

This STEELPORT 8” chef knife has been the main tool in our kitchen for over a year. It has made food preparation a joy rather the chore it used to be. It not only cuts great, it also cradles comfortably in hand. Best!

– Ron K.

Amazing Knife. My Go-to Favorite now.

High quality, beautifully made knife. The carbon steel blade stays sharper, longer and requires very little maintenance. After a short time using it I actually found I liked the heft of the knife over a comparable stainless blade.

– Josh D.


I work in kitchens all day and this knife has never failed me. It is sturdy, sharp, and feels great in the hand. It looks fantastic as well. Although they can seem expensive compared to other knives I have found it to be a very worthwhile purchase and completely worth the price. I recommend Steelport to anyone the asks.

– Michael R.

Best Knife in 3 Drawers

I find myself bypassing other knives in the drawer. This has become my favorite.

– Steve G.

Just Well Done

Love my steel port, feels good in the hand and is taking on a nice patina. Carbon steel is hard to find, especially in a good price range.

– Zachary M.

Balanced and Sensitive...and Sharpening Their Steel a Joy.

I have two 8” chefs and a paring but here I will talk about the chef knife. It is so well weighted that it is perfectly balanced in my hand. A full grip on the handle for a chop or tough slice and a index finger forward on the blade for fine light slicing, all my prep has been exacting and fun. The coffee method they use to finish the blade not only looks beautiful, it also brings on a slow subtle patina more beautiful than straight carbon steel knifes. The bolsters and butts patina quicker.. probably because I’m overly focused on cleaning the blade. Every knife is sharp out-of-the-box, but I got a good three weeks of prepping every night without a sharpening.. just used a ceramic steel every couple of days. I have just sharpened on the stone for the first time and the new edge is perfect. About 15 light swipes each way and my Steelport is passing the paper test. Love holding and using it. Exceptional customer service in my experience. Looking for a Nakiri from Steelport next…?

– Michael S.

Great Craftsmanship, Thick Behind the Edge

This is a beautiful knife with a unique design. Love that it is 52100 carbon steel. Very durable edge and comfortable handle. The coffee patina is efficient. Great for Western cooking. I would have preferred that it was thinner behind the edge but then it would not be as durable. I am also used to wa-handles so I would have preferred a more blade heavy balance but that is difficult with western handles.

– Rickard I.

What a work of art!

Wow! I’m pretty new to the world of quality knifes.What a fantastic introduction. I picked mine up at the Portland Knife House and I could not be more impressed. It’s is a work of art and also feels amazing in my small hands. Sharp. Well balanced. Beautiful to look at and makes cooking a joy. Seriously. I’m trying to convince my partner we need a slicer and a paring knife too. Keep up the great work Steelport. I look forward to my next purchase.

– Jason

Most comfortable chef knife and most beautiful item in my kitchen

I love my STEELPORT 8″ Chef Knife – the rounded spine and finger groove, plus the contoured and super smooth handle make it so comfortable in hand using a pinch grip. It’s hefty enough to cut through large squash with ease, while being nicely balanced right at the bolster center so it-feels quite light while chopping. I’ve had mine for about a year now and the original patina is still very visible, with some patina of my own starting to develop. Looking forward to seeing how the steel continues to change colors over the years! With the beautiful burl wood handle and obviously high-end design and construction, this knife really elevates my whole kitchen.

– Frances D.

Beautiful piece

Beautifully crafted piece of cutlery! The quality craftsmanship is evident. It feels great in the hand and is surprisingly light!

– Rich K.

Just buy it!

I love this knife and can’t wait to buy another. I have a knife collection and this is by far my top 3 knife if not my favorite knife ever had. Great balance and feel. You won’t be disappointed.

– Ben H.

Ahhhh!!! It's so beautiful!!!

My partner surprised me with a Steelport knife for Christmas! I have been wanting a more “fancy” knife recently because I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Oh, wow! Absolutely beautiful! It is fancy in the coolest way, and I can’t wait to expand my collection! I want them all! But for now, I have the 8″ and I am so glad he went with that size. It feels so nice in my hand. The handle is absolutely my favorite part. It slices like a dream. It’s everything I hoped for in a fancy knife. And crafted by amazing people…. ugh, just all around awesome. Thank you so much! <3 - Emily

My favorite knife

Super sharp – in edge and looks. This is my go-to knife in the kitchen. I always get complements on how comfortable and beautiful it is. I cannot wait to get the other knives from STEELPORT.

– Brad B.

Amazing piece of equipment

I love this knife. It feels solid and balanced to hold, the action is perfect, and it stays sharp, all while looking eye-poppingly gorgeous! The customer service team cannot be beat, either. I had an issue (caused by a house sitter and a dishwasher…) and the folks at Steelport truly came through for me. LOVE!

– Andrea C.

I might as well throw the rest of my knives away

Since I received this knife, I have hardly even touched any of the others that I own. I love it. I love the weight, the blade, the look, even the sheath. If you do any cooking, any at all, you need this knife.

– Jenny B.

Retired teacher main home food preparer.

I can’t say enough good things about the 8” chef knife. I am totally comfortable with the grip and makes cutting through tough vegetables and meats a breeze. “Like a knife cutting through butter” fits with this cooking tool. The difference is that everything you cut seems like butter.

– Christopher L.

Marvel of American Manufacturing

Just absolute joy to know that this Steelport knife is as sharp from the 1st use to its 50th use. Doesn’t disappoint, elegant and fun to use. Best part of cooking.

– Bob J.

Best Knife I have ever used!

I was amazed at how much better this knife was than my previous kitchen knife. Once I started using it I can never go back another knife. It feel amazing in my hands and cuts through everything from meat to vegetables very easily.
This was my first carbon steel knife and was worried about potentially harming it, but care very easy and is now second nature.
Can’t wait to get the bread knife soon!

Geoff K.

Game changing!

We use these knives every single day in our food cart! They stay sharp, they are so well balanced and all in all stunning. The attention to detail is beyond belief, from steel to handle it’s a perfect knife. From vegetables to proteins this knife never lets you down. The bread knife is also a perfect example of craftsmanship and quality. Can’t recommend these knives enough!

– Collin M.

Love this blade

After using my Steelport knife for over a month now you will be happy to know that it has replaced my regular go to’s as my everyday knife on the line. I use it for 90% of my everyday tasks and stays with me during service as well. And after being used heavily everyday, it’s still razor sharp. Thank you guys again, I love this blade.

– Dana F.